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Locations of Kythnos island


Discover  the beautiful locations of Kythnos and get lost in its alleys.

One of the few unexplored treasures of the Aegean Sea invites you to discover its picturesque villages and the authentic Cycladic alleys. You will be charmed by the traditional houses,  its numerous churches, hot springs, as well the small and picturesque villages. Although your options are many, we have selected and recommend 6 beautiful locations you must visit while you are here.



Chora of Kythnos

Chora or Messaria, the capital of Kythnos, is a village of amazing beauty. Visitors will feel like standing in front of a painting, made by an artist who has presented the Cycladic beauty in the best way. Small squares and picturesque cobbled streets with traditional restaurants, cafes, patisseries and shops, whitewashed houses with colored doors and windows, steps, windmills, arches and shelters, compose a wonderful residential complex. Walk along the narrow streets of Chora, discover secrets hidden in these picturesque paths that have remained intact since the 17th century.


Dryopida village

Dryopida is one of the most picturesque villages in Kythnos and has a very interesting architectural style, as all houses have two storeys and red-tiled roofs, an unusual feature for the islands of Cyclades. The village has picturesque quarters with paved alleys, beautiful churches and various sights. Galatas is one of the most picturesque quarters of the village, with many impressive churches. Close to Galatas is Piazza, the central square and most central spot of Driopida. Piazza has many traditional coffee places (kafenia), where you can enjoy local homemade spoon sweets along with your coffee. 



Kanala village

Kythnos is particularly famous for the pilgrimage to the church of Panagia Kanala. In this blessed location, the pine forest is harmonically combined with golden beaches, while from the picturesque coves visitors dive in the vastness of the Aegean Sea. The village took its name from the church of Panagia Kanala, the protector of the island. In this church, one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades, you can see the miracle-working icon of Panagia, which was found by fishermen in a canal as the tradition says. On the right side of the church, there is a beautiful beach with deep blue water. Behind this beach, there is a second smaller beach with blue-green water.



Loutra village

The fishing village of Loutra, hosts picturesque shops and the popular thermal springs, built during the reign of Otto in 1836. The thermal springs of Loutra are in use since the Roman times, but they became widely famous after the doctors and chemists of king Otto of Greece ascertained their therapeutic facilities, in the middle of the 19th century. There are two hot springs. The first, of Agioi Anargyroi, is salty and is located in the hydrotherapy center, which has been operating for many years, attracting a large number of visitors. The second, the so-called source of Kakavos, is located 50 meters from the first, contains iodine, bromide and sodium chloride and its temperature reaches 52 degrees Celsius!



Merichas Port

The port of Merichas is located in the west part of the island, in a picturesque bay with clear waters, suitable for fishing and swimming. It was a coastal fishing village, which developed into the port of the island. Merichas has a marina for tourist boats, sailing boats, and inflatables. It is the starting point of the buses (Chora-Loutra & Dryopida-Kanala) and where the taxi rank is located. There you will also find car and moto rentals, travel agencies, and the boats that tour the beaches of the island, which can also take you by sea to the famous beach of Kolona. Merichas is full of restaurants, fish taverns, cafes, bars and clubs, all ready to welcome you.

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